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Dhanashree Pandit Rai is a very special talent.  She has a rich, warm strong alto voice to carry her provocative and sometimes hauntingly lyrical idea's and improvisations.  I feel very fortunate to have studied in Mumbai through Niranjan Jhaveri's "JIVI" program with Dhanashree and I hope to return soon to further my studies with such a gifted teacher.  I highly recommend Dhanashree to any promoter who would like to feature a marvelous talent and to any student who desires to learn about Indian singing.


Roseanna Vitro

Vocal Jazz Chair

NJCU University (ten years)

NJPAC Gifted Teens Vocal Program (five years)

Ten critically acclaimed CD releases worldwide

With her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Indian Classical Music and intensive training in both Indian classical and semi-classical music from stalwarts like Pandit Firoz Dastur and Smt. Shobha Gurtu, Dhanashree is recognized as one of the leading practitioners of thumri music and has been a mentor to several budding and senior musicians in khayal and thumri over the years.


She is a regular Visiting Professor of Music at SNDT University, Mumbai, and teaches thumri to Masters students.


She also conducts educative modules and lectures and holds narrated concerts and workshops about several aspects of Indian music at leading music and educational institutions, such as St Xavier's College, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), and I.I.T. Powai.  

Dhanashree has been the Chief Vocal Instructor at the Jazz-India Vocal Institute (JIVI), which was founded by Niranjan


Jhaveri in order to train world-renowned jazz vocalists in Indian vocal techniques. She has crafted a unique method of instruction that teaches the subtleties of Indian vocal and voice culture to jazz vocalists in a short period of time. 

With the passing away of founder Niranjan Jhaveri in May 2010, JIVI officially came to an end, but Dhanashree is carrying on the institute's work by initiating international jazz musicians to Indian music.

Dhanashree is the sparkling gem in JIVI's crown. The manner in which she enlightens the jazz vocalist has been cherished by all; many return to India for more. Her ongoing efforts are surely bridging the gap between instrumental and vocal jazz.

- Niranjan Jhaveri (former Head and Founder of the Jazz-India Vocal Institute)

Dhanashree has also been mentoring several budding and established musicians in Indian classical vocal music (Khayal) and semi classical music (Thumri). For enquiries, contact:

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